moderated Reading Kindle Books using Jaws

M Tobia

Hi Group,


Does anyone have any hands on experience reading Amazon Kindle books using Jaws on a PC.  I am accessing using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox  with no success.   I find that Kindle is slow and often unresponsive.    


Any hot keys or keystrokes to help me navigate pages and chapters would be much appreciated.  The only keystrokes I found was pressing the letter U to jump to the next link and the letter N to do something else.  Neither of these keystrokes actually help me navigate to the next page or next chapter.  I would be find if it would allow me to read continuously, but I cannot seem to be able to do that either.


I have contacted Freedom Scientific and all they said was that Jaws was supposed to be accessible with a screen reader, but could not offer any specific. The standard keystrokes to navigate webpages or documents do not work with Kindle.


I spoke to Amazon support and they had no idea how to navigate Kindle using a screen reader.


Thanks for any assistance.



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