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Jessica D <jldail13@...>

How do I know what my user name is?

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On Jun 30, 2020, at 9:31 PM, Mike B <mb69mach1@...> wrote:

Hi Jessica,
A fellow list member recently had the same problem and here's how he copied his settings.
From: John Covici
What I have done in the past is to just take the whole settings folder, in my case its,
C:\users\<user name>\appdata\roaming\freedomscientific\jaws\2020\settings\enu
where username is your username and put it in the same directory on your other computer or wherever you
need it to be.  I have had some trouble also with the export wizard, but what I did worked for me and I hope it works for you.  You might
want to back up the current folder in case something bad happens.
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I’m trying to make a settings export, but the wizard keeps crashing.


When I spke to FS tech support about it, they couldn’t duplicate it, and told me to copy a certain file from the user area.


What file would they be referring to?






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