Moderated passwored software I can use in a windows pre-installation environment

Dave Durber

Hello everyone:
One of my friends, whose wife recently died,had a computer with 2 accounts set up in windows 10. I have 2 questions regarding this computer:
Question 1. The other day, I helped my friend turn off the welcome screen for the administrator account for that computer. I used the n e t p l w i z utility to do this. When my friend next turned on the computer, he was presented with a log on screen, presumably, the password edit field , for the other account in Windows 10.
How would my friend , access the administrator account which bypasses the log on screen for the administrator account.
Question 2. My friend does not know the password for the other account in Windows 10. What program can I use, in a windows Pre-installation Environment to change the password?
Thank you for any suggestions and help.
Dave durber

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