moderated Re: need help please in my win10 I am unable to successfully paste some copied files from one folder into a new folder

Hank William Merchant

Hello fellow listers,
I am running Win10 with jfw18. This problem just startaed happening in the past 4 or 5 days in my win10 when I try to paste into a new folder some copied files from another folder.
The problem is when I try to do this, copy some files that were copied successfully from one folder and then try to paste these copied files into a new folder I get the error message “error, interrupted action” and I cannot successfully paste these copied files into the new folder and i only have the option to try again and when i try again to paste these copied files i keep geting the same error message “error interrupted action”. I am really stumped as to what could be causing this problem in my win10. Does anyone maybe have any ideas on how I can maybe fix this unable to paste problem when I try to paste copied files into a new folder in win10 that just startaed happening about 5 days ago? Any help I can maybe get with this would be so very much appreciated. much, much thanks in advance for any possible help with this.
All the best,
Kindest regards,

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