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Sean Murphy

Braille Back is not very well developed and is another separate program. The
last time I used it crashed regularly. Also you didn't get the same feature
set as TalkBack. It should be in TalkBack, not a different program. Braille
Support on Mobile is nothing special. Basically all which happens is what is
spoken is what is shown on the braille display. Nothing has been done to
help the Braille Real Estate in abbreviation of commonly roles and etc which
is done in the windows screen readers. Such as Btn for button.

A comment was made that Samsung model phones 6 and higher, accessibility
improved. But lower models are very hit and miss for accessibility. This is
an argument for using Apple. As all their models are accessible. Google
should have made some form of policy to make any modifications by a mobile
phone vendor the changes are accessible and do not impact Googles OS and
accessibility framework. Hence any changes to the OS does not impact
accessibility features. If this was done, then all phones in theory would be

The story end is to use the phone you like. All these discussion points
might help you with your decisions. Take the emotion out of the decision and
test the phones. The support you get when testing a phone will be a big
player. If the mobile store will not allow you to install or use the
accessibility feature speaks volumes.


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so long as BRLTTY supports it, chances are it will work. There are options
to try more generic drivers is a specific model does not connect or
whatever, so no idea what display will work.

I would assume most will by now. You can always contact the authors ot ask
if they'll include a display driver and model.

I am planning on giving my Actilino the BRLTTY treatment. By the way,
Brailleback is based on BRLTTY anyway.



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