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David Griffith

No Read will not read Kindle books unless they are converted first by a program like Codex into another format.
There is often a confusion as unprotected mobi file can be read by Kindle Book apps - so mobi can be read by Kindle but Kindle protected books are not mobi books.

David Griffith

On 28 Jun 2020, at 21:09, Sharon <mt281820@...> wrote:

David, do you know if QREad will read Kindle mobi books?
Or do those terms mean the same thing?
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There are a number of options.
Q Read - which is a paid application provides epub , PdF and mobi book support. .
There are a number of Text to Speech based readers. Paid and unpaid.. For me the best by far is  the free Speak On which has a range of excellent features for ePub reading in its confusingly  named  Text Publications app.
 This has  as  well as text ,  ePub support, including book marking , navigation levels, header and chapter navigation, on the fly control of book reading speed  and   volume and  including a range of other features. You can even create  a “virtual eBook” based on a search term which will pull out all the relevant sections of an ebook which is very useful for academic study. There is also full capacity to export to text to a word processor by simple copy and paste.
David Griffith  

On 28 Jun 2020, at 20:41, Joe <joet1226@...> wrote:
Does any one know of an accessible Windows 10 EPUB reader? I have some types of these files I would like to access on my PC.
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