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Glenn / Lenny

I don't think it needs to even know that it is on a network, most printers are just a one-way device, and they only need to be available to receive information.
I think the tricky part is the cable, a straight through cable with no chip inside would be best, because a printer wouldn't know how to manage a chip that are in many cables.
But once it is in the network and available, the computer finding it in the network will send its print instructions to it.

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I don't think that will work unless you find some kind of USB to ethernet adapter that handles all the networking and translation to because your printer won't have any way of dealing with the network itself.

Randy Barnett

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Can I get a USB to a Ethernet  connector and connect to the router?
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It helps to install the printer software on the other computers.
Then after the software is installed, you will look for a network printer, either in the printer software, or in control panel under printers.
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Subject: Sharing a printer

We have three computers our home,  all connected by WiFi,  I have a printer connected to one by USB, I would like to be able to print from the other computers. I find conflicting instructions by searching Google. Can someone give me simple instructions on how to do this?

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