moderated Re: android vs ios.


Hi, David,

if you're frustrated with Brailleback, I suggest you try

BRLTTY can be installed on any Android device. A friend of mine had bought an Actilino for its portability as a Braille display and keyboard, but constantly exchanging messages with Helptech and Google, testing versions of Brailleback and trying to stay current did not yield anything in the end.

I convinced her to try out BRLTTY, and now she's loving it and discovering things she was never able to do with Brailleback and other Braille displays.

For the latest Android version, just go to

For documentation on how to use BRLTTY on Android go to

The author is very helpful in figuring out key bindings and such. A list of Braille manufacturers and models can be found on their website.

Hope this helps,


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