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On Sun, Jun 28, 2020 at 11:29 AM, Tyler Wood wrote:
And, for the end user, responsiveness of the screen reader is not effected, especially in 2020, from a $150 device to a $1000 one.
A point on which I absolutely agree.  It's not much unlike PCs in that regard.  For what most users do, and I do mean most, hardware performance has outstripped the demands most end users even can put on it by a long shot.  There are the odd niche power users who can and do tax hardware to its limits.  Those are probably less than 5 percent of all users.

As to 5G, based on what I've been hearing as someone who lives "in the hinterlands," it will be years, possible more than a decade, before 5G makes it to where I live.  This is no huge issue for me, as 4G LTE is way more than fast enough for anything I do routinely.   It will also make 5G technology on the phone side "old had" by the time it can even be used here.

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