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On Sun, Jun 28, 2020 at 07:27 AM, Leedy Diane Bomar wrote:
If you are a geekly kind of person, enjoying knowing where your files are stored, playing with questionable apps, and a techie that enjoys spending more time learning the various ways to manipulate the phone, vs. a person who wants to actually use the phone as a means to an end, Android would be the choice for you.
If ever there were an example of a false dichotomy, this is it.  And that's not a criticism of iPhone, either.

There are myriad examples of where "actually using the phone as a means to an end" is greatly enhanced by having the capability to manipulate and customize the device itself.

I don't think that anyone who's used both Apple products, whether phones or computers, and PC and Android products, could credibly make the claim that Apple allows the end user to make their own choices to nearly the extent that the other platforms do.  No other company keeps a death grip on their ecosystems like Apple does.

That, along with what I feel is gross overpricing for what you get, is why I do not favor Apple, and never have.  I only wish the folks at Palm had been more prescient as smartphones appeared, as what had been PalmOS would have made an incredible operating system for smartphones.  They recognized what was happening way too late, and all attempts to "get on the smartphone bandwagon" with PalmOS failed over time.  (And the same thing played itself out in reverse with Windows Mobile. Microsoft was insane to even try to enter a market as entrenched as it already was when they decided to do so.)

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