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JM Casey

That is indeed pretty simple...I suppose it's mostlyt eh documentation that
seems to hurt my brain when I try to figure out how to use it. I'm
reasonably used to command line but ffmpeg admittedly seemed to defeat me a
bit. Very useful and easy though if you can get the hang of it.

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The ffmpeg command is very simple, just ffmpeg -i <mp4 file name> <wav file
name> and that's it. I have never tried this on Windows, so I have no idea
on how this works under that OS.

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Try audacity. You may have to install the ffmpeg library separately.
The latter has a command line interface that you could use and cut
audacity out of the equation (I think) but, it's a bit complicated. :D

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Subject: Converting mp4 files to either .wav or mp3 files

Which is the best free accessible software to convert mp4 audio files
in to
mp3 or wav files.

2nd question: Is there a software that strips mp4 audio from a video
mp4 file that converts them to either .wav or mp3?



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