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JM Casey

I am pretty happy with Android but I don’t honestly use my phone all that much. I’ve thought of trying to connect my braille display but haven’t bothered, especially now that I have a laptop…everything I’ve heard so far suggests that it can be done but that it’s quite a painful process, and I’m not that patient. I’m not a fan of Apple as a company so I will probably never acquire one of their products (though they made my first computer in the 80s, an Apple Ii E, they were a different company then…)



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No one has mentioned the breill support on the android is no where as good as the I Phone. Jonathon Moson still thinks the Android phones are behind in both the screen reader and the breill support.

On 6/26/2020 11:23 PM, Patrick Murphy wrote:

hi folks,


i know that this is not the forum for this question, but maybe one of you good people might have some ideas as to where i should go.

currently, i have an old nokia phone about 300 years of age.

i have decided to take the great leap into the unknown and start using a modern tap screen phone.

i have a samsung android phone with talkback on it, but it is proving to be somewhat of a trouble.

i would say, that it is just because i am new to it, but web sites offering training tips seem to be non existent.

also, the braille keyboard seems to be a bit of a pain. i also dont want to have to attach a keyboard to it, as this defeats the purpose of having a phone you can carry around with you.

on the other hand, i have heard, that apple's voice over is much better.

again, training seems to be the problem. i should be able to get my hands on an ifone.

any thoughts?

anyone prefer one over the other?




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