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Stephanie Switzer

Two questions 1. What does guide dogs have to do with a Jaws for
Windows list? I mean does the dog use Jaws or something? :) 2. If you
know something is "Off Topic" for this list why exactly did you post
it? That's kind of like knowing that something is bad for you and can
make you sick and doing/ eating it anyway.

On 2/27/12, Farfar in the Sawdust <> wrote:

Regardless of left or right shoulder, you can get a Guide Dog trained to
work on your strong side at Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael. Just let
them know if you need a dog trained to work on your right side.
Dave Carlson
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Subject: off topic: guide dog question

Anybody know of a guide dog user who has an artificial joint?
I may need a new shoulder, and hope this doesn't make me lose my wonderful
If anybody knows a different site I should post this question to, I am open
to suggestions.

Don wardlow

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If you Google assistive technology jobs you come up with lots of jobs.

I would probably look for training before you start teaching people though.
That way you can talk to other professionals, see what the different jobs
are and see if that is something you really would like to do.
If I were you I'd get my hands on every piece of technology I could so you
can know what's out there. For some reason TVIs and much of the blind
community uses Pack mates or Braille Notes so those are kind of a cliché. I
would learn about all the other note takers and software's so you can show
people that the minority software is often much better than the heavily
advertised devices.

As for Jaws Tandem, explore the menu and see what pops up. It's under
Utility's in the menu bar. It tells you everything. But basically you get a
code from the tandem center and tell your target the code so they can write
it into the box that allows access to their computer.

Brandon Keith Biggs
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Subject: Re: technology for the blind jobs

How do you use Jaws Tandum? How does Jaws Tandum work? I am not looking to
tutor people but I was writing to find out what jobs there would be as a
Jaws tester and to learn more about the assistive technology field. Are
there many jobs with assistive technology, and whhat jobs are there in
assistive technology?

On 2/26/12, Chris Smart <> wrote:
Albert, you can probably tutor people privately, set your own fees etc.
If you wanted to work for a government agency, school board, or
similar employer, you probably need qualifications as a trainer,
instructor, etc. What those qualifications would be probably varies
from state to state, country to country, and maybe employer to
employer. so, do some research.

Still, there's nothing stopping anybody here from tutoring people
privately, over Skype, or using something like Jaws Tandom.


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