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On Sat, Jun 27, 2020 at 04:03 AM, CJ &AA MAY wrote:
Whichever you choose, expect to have at least two weeks of utter frustration!
If not more.   I constantly have to tell people who think taking the leap from PC to Mac, or iPhone to Android, or any of a number of similar leaps is going to solve their issues and frustrations that it won't.   And it definitely won't whenever you are new to anything.

If you happen to already be intimately familiar with one operating system's or device's way of doing things, then go to another, you also have the added frustration of having to unlearn a lot of what you already know in the context of the new ecosystem.  A great deal of frustration comes from "doing what I've always done" before thinking about it, but having it either not work or do something entirely different than what one had been accustomed to.

Learning a brand new device and ecosystem is a long, flat learning curve.  You do not go "from zero to stunningly competent" in a short period of time.  You pick up the essentials, then slowly learn other stuff in dribs and drabs.

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