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in addition, do you know if the drive is a hard drive or a solid state drive? if it is the latter, a defrag should not be performed on a SSD because, among various reasons, doing so will shorten the life of the drive. I think Windows will detect that it is an SSD and perform a trim or the appropriate optimization if the defrag is scheduled to occur automatically.

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Date: Friday, June 26, 2020, 10:03 PM
Subject: Converting mp4 files to either .wav or mp3 files
Hi, Deb. You will probably need to transfer some of the data that is on
Drive D to another drive before you can defrag or clean it up. What
types of files do you see when you open the drive, before the
announcement comes up?

Bill White

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This might not be the correct place to ask this but I have an old
laptop, windows 7 ie11, and it has a drive on it called drive D.  I have
tried and tried to defrag and clean it up as it is 99 per cent full and
a low volume left announcement comes up about every fifteen minutes.  I
try to clean it up and compress it but it says I can retrieve 0 space.
What setting is it on that I can not fix this?  Is there a way that I
can stop the question from being spoken?  What is on drive D usually?  I
am using jaws 2020.2 something, whatever last week’s update to 2020
was.  Can anyone help me with some ideas?  I am an ordinary computer
user, no programming skills, this is my personal computer, nothing for work.

Deb Ver Steeg

Thanks in advance.

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*Bill White
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*Subject:* Re: Converting mp4 files to either .wav or mp3 files

The best online site to convert mp4 to mp3 I found, and appears to be
completely free,

Bill White

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*Judy Redlich
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*Subject:* Converting mp4 files to either .wav or mp3 files

Which is the best free accessible software to convert mp4 audio files in
to mp3 or wav files.

2^nd question: Is there a software that strips mp4 audio from a video
mp4 file that converts them to either .wav or mp3?



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