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I also think iOS is just more intuitive and even after all these years when both platforms have matured, iOS is in my view more polished and easier to use.

There is a load of material about iOS and iPhones out there, is just one example, Apple has an accessibility support line as well as email address and if you call their support and need help they can even connect to your phone and see what you are doing.

There are email lists for both Android and iOS, the Viphone list is one I have been on for the last 10 years or so since I started using an iPhone.

If you really want to use a keyboard you can actually get Apple's camera connection cable and use it to connect a USB keyboard, but in my opinion a Bluetooth keyboard makes much more sense with a mobile device and there are lots of great options out there from Logitech as well as others.

As for price any high-end Android phone nowadays costs just as much as the high-end iPhones, yes, you can probably pick up a cheap Android phone for $200 or so, but then again the new iPhone SE 2 which was recently released also is not that expensive and from all I heard on the Viphone list as well as in general it's fantastic phone.

I guess it all depends on what you plan to do with the phone, for me being able to transfer information from my PC to the phone by copying and pasting is not very important, I have an Apple Music subscription so I never store mucis on the device any more, I do just about all my audio book listening on Audible and the odd book I have in MP3 I can easily transfer to Voice Dream Reader via Dropbox.

I consider to be a pretty profficient user of my iPhone, but I absolutely don't believe in being able to replace a computer with my iPhone, I don't compose long texts on my phone, if I have to type a longer email or want to have an on-going text chat on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or other app I do use my Bluetooth keyboard. I have a Logitech K780 which I use via its USB dongle as my primary keyboard for my laptop and if I want to use it wih my iPhone all I have to do is press FN+F2 and it switches over, when I'm done I press F1 and I'm back on my PC.


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I have both, and in terms of ease of use with regard to the gestures, it is my opinion that the iPhone is much easier to operate.

On the other hand, with Android, I can have Eloquence for the voice, and I can simply copy and paste to and from my computer to the Android phone.

With Android, you can get a USB adapter and plug in a desktop keyboard or anything USB, you can't do that with IOS.


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hi folks,


i know that this is not the forum for this question, but maybe one of you good people might have some ideas as to where i should go.

currently, i have an old nokia phone about 300 years of age.

i have decided to take the great leap into the unknown and start using a modern tap screen phone.

i have a samsung android phone with talkback on it, but it is proving to be somewhat of a trouble.

i would say, that it is just because i am new to it, but web sites offering training tips seem to be non existent.

also, the braille keyboard seems to be a bit of a pain. i also dont want to have to attach a keyboard to it, as this defeats the purpose of having a phone you can carry around with you.

on the other hand, i have heard, that apple's voice over is much better.

again, training seems to be the problem. i should be able to get my hands on an ifone.

any thoughts?

anyone prefer one over the other?




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