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If you only want to change how a symbol is spoken, all you have to do is rename the symbol name at the end of a particular line.


If you want to go further and add a new entry for a symbol that jaws can’t recognize, notice the following syntax:


u+04D9=Schwa Cyrillic


where u+04D9 is the Unicode hex for the symbol known as schwa Cyrillic, and everything after the symbol equals is how jaws will verbalize the symbol. Of course, the actual spoken name is arbitrary, and you can name it as you wish.


so, if you want to add a new symbol, you must follow the syntax described above, and since the .sbl files are language specific, you must add every entry right below the language upon which you want the modifications are made.


If you don’t know the Unicode hex for a symbol, do as follows:

Copy the symbol to the clipboard, of course, jaws can’t recognize the symbol yet, so basically, jaws won’t verbalize a thing. Make sure you paste this symbol in a word document with no blank spaces, and right away press alt plus x. Now you will notice that the symbol turns into a string of characters, such as  04D9. Add u+ before of it, and you now have the Unicode hex representation for that particular symbol.


Last but not least, to make all these changes you need to run notepad as administrator. Actually, you don’t need to use notepad plus plus for this matter.

hth 🐱‍💻

On 6/25/2020 5:12 PM, romance's prince via wrote:

hello dears

when i tried to modify some spoken symbols on *.sbl
i didn't know how i convert hex to get 8 binary number, and jaws didn't accept modification without this 8 numbers.

i'm using notepad plus plus

another point, i noticed that Latin  alphapits not found in this file, why?

any help will be appreciated.
thanks very much

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