Re: [Bulk] Experience with accessible webinterfaces on NAS's

Adrian Spratt

Out of curiosity, I looked up "NAS" on google. It means network attached
storage. Synology sells NAS systems.

That doesn't answer the query, but maybe it will enable someone else to give

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What is a NAS?

Dave Carlson
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Hi everyone,

I have a very frustrating problem with a NAS from the company called
Unfortunately the webinterfaces where you for one thing could create new
users et cetera is not accessible for JAWS-users. Synology told me that it
is very hard for them to make a new webinterface, so they refer me to
contact my dealer and ask for refunding of my money.

Therefore I will ask on this list:
Have any person experience with a NAS where the webinterface is accessible
with JAWS?

Very thanks for the answer.


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