moderated Re: Orbit Reader 20 Plus F1 through F10 key emulation not working

Richard Turner <richardturner42@...>

Yes, I just confirmed it on my Orbit Reader 20 plus.
I forwarded Ann's note along with my comments to the tech team at Orbit.

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you are using the nemith code numbers for the numbers as dot 2 for the number 1, dots 23 for the number 2 and so forth along with the dot 7?

Legend has it that on Thursday 6/25/2020 12:16 PM, ann said:
HI folks,

I have an Orbit Reader 20 Plus braille display, running with latest
Jaws2020 on Windows 10. From it's own manual it says that pressing
the Dot 7 Plus computer braille 1 through 0 equals F1-F10. The keys
that are supposed to emulate the F1 through F10 keys do not work at
all, not in any application. Or is this something on my own system I
need to change to get this to work??




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