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Rick Miller

But if you want to find out what folder that file or program is in, then what do you do?




Rick Miller


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Subject: Re: Finding a File Using JAWS


When I am using chrome and do a download after the download has completed when chrome is in focus do a shift f6 and that puts you on the name of the downloaded file.  So because I work a lot with log analysis programs like splunk and the downloaded files are csv files then all I do is when the filename is in focus hit the space bar and the file is opened up.


But again that is with chrome.


Have a good day.




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Subject: Finding a File Using JAWS


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Dear Listers:


I currently am running the latest version of Windows and am also using the latest version of JAWS.  If you download something without designating a path, how do you go about finding out what folder your download is in?  I know that you search for something by opening up the Search box by pressing the Alt key, but although this finds the file you are looking for it doesn’t tell you what folder that file is in.




Rick Miller


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