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This is an AT training program at the California Community College system (100+ campuses), but it is only for INTERNAL training of existing employees:

Looking at the various pages of the above web site will give you an idea of what working in AT in a college setting consists of.

If you are already studying computer science or similar, you might be able to get involved by interning/volunteering in a computer lab for disabled students, if there is such a thing at your college.

There are far more counseling and administrative jobs in the education-disability field than technical jobs as far as I can tell.

Many of the people I know in AT and education started as counselors or special education teachers, and then first developed expertise in AT as a personal interest, which they then used to get "tech" jobs in which they received additional specialized training paid for by the employer.

In some instances, a sighted tech first learned AT because they know someone that is blind or otherwise disabled.


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My name is Albert and this is my first time on this list serve. I would like
to get in to the assistive technology field. I would like to do
accessibility of technology that blind people use and maybe train blind
people on how to use different technology. How did any one on the listserve
get in to the assistive technology field? Is there any contacts to talk more
about the assistive technology field? Thank you for any help. Albert Yoo

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