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Steve Nutt

Trouble with FamilySearch is that their search algorithm is rubbish.  If I search for someone and put their birth place as London, it gives me results from the USA.


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Subject: Re: Another accessible / genealogy web site.


I’ve been using for a couple of years and can do fairly well with it.  Parts of the site disappear from time to time especially on Sunday afternoons when it is heavily used.  Also uses colors, images, and some unlabeled buttons and links.  It is pretty easy to use once you learn to watch for the problems and can work around most of them.


One thing I learned is to keep the window maximized at all times.  Rather than srinking character sizes they drop some items from the menus in order to keep the same text size.  At least that is the way it appears to me.



I will try the other site some more to see why I had a different experience.








From: [] On Behalf Of Peter Tesar
Sent: Friday, June 05, 2020 10:59 AM
Subject: Another accessible / genealogy web site.


I've given you the site.


Another accessible source is the Mormon's FamilySearch Engine.


There is no need to register. You get basic information when you enter first & last names, birth & death locations and year (a range).


You should get a page with the title:

  Historical documents we found for xx —


Navigate to the heading:

  Top people we found for xx in the shared Family Tree


For each record found will be listed the information asked for and perhaps the spouse and parents.


If you toggle for more information on that individual, you will need to create a Familysearch account or sign in (no charge).


Researching distant family relations is a way to fill in my stay at home time.


Peter T.



On 6/5/2020 9:30 AM, Georgie Mac wrote:

Tony, I too have been trying to get to this site, but after a few times, I've had success.  First and last name and there it is!  This will give me some added help since I have been trying to track down my family roots since forever.  Thanks to all.

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