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Brian, do you know if this would also rip songs from a CD with the tag information?

I just looked at the web site and it said that it can look up a CD … someone was asking about this kind of thing on another list and since I don’t need the software myself, I thought maybe you knew the answer.







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             One small word of warning.  MP3Tag (at least when I downloaded it in February) is defaulting for its metadata search to freedb, and it appears they've closed up shop.  I cannot find the information for logging into the metadata server at MusicBrainz, at least not yet.

              But, MusicBrainz, which is an open source project where all software is free as well, has its own metadata editor called Picard.  It looks to be accessible, and since it's automatically set up with MusicBrainz to begin with (though you may need to create your own account) it might end up being the better way to go.


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