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Richard Turner

I am using the Braille Edge with Jaws 2020 latest update.


When you added the display to Jaws, did you check both BrialleEdge and HIMS Braille in the list of displays?


And make sure Braille Edge is set as the default?


That is what shows in my Jaws settings.


If so, push the reset button on the back of the Braille Edge.  That is the one on the back near the dot 2.


Put it in terminal mode.


Now, while it is plugged into the computer, reboot the computer.

When jaws comes up, it should work.


If not, you may have to experience the joys of HIMS non-support.


Or, try writing to Thomas Simpson thomas@...


Thomas is  the sales manager, but is often more helpful than their tech support.


Good luck,





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Subject: jaws and the Braille edge


Good afternoon folks.

I ran into another issue today, a friends computer, windows 10, latest jaws 2020, but, the braille edge won't connect.

I did a reinstall of jaws,

restarted the machine, but the edge stays in terminal mode.

when I connect or disconnect the device, I do hear a tone to tell me that the device is connected or disconnected.



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