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If one opens a PDF file using MS-Word, you can use the advanced find feature to find the first non-numeric character in the document.

1. Once the document is open in Word, hit ALT+H,FD,A to open the advanced search (AKA Find and Replace) dialog, you will only be using the Find tab, not replace, and the Find tab is what should open by default.

2. The first time you open the dialog in Word, if you have started Word afresh, you will not be showing the group of checkboxes you need to have access to.  There is a More button, activate it, or press ALT+M.  Either method gets the advanced find option checkboxes visible and accessible.  Once you have done this, and step 3, if you have not closed MS-Word, when you bring up the advanced find dialog again the Use Wildcards checkbox will remain checked.  But if you close word, and open it again, you will have to repeat this step and step 3.

3. Navigate to the Use wildcards checkbox, and check it, or use ALT+U to toggle it on. 

4. Navigate back to the Find what edit box, or hit ALT+N to throw focus there.   In that box, enter exactly what follows, starting with the open square bracket to the end of th the line:  [a-z][A-Z]

5. Navigate to the Find Next button, and activate it, or use ALT+F to activate it.  This should take you to the first lowercase or uppercase character in the document, bypassing all numeric characters that occur prior to it.

6. Close the dialog, and you should have focus on that first letter in the first line of words in your converted PDF.


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