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OK! Thank you everyone for your responses. Yes Mario! I have this CD with me, I will be sure to use it. I had kupgraded to the 2020 version though, I hope it still works.

JAWS certified-2020

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for the first question, if you are referring to the 20 character
authorization code, and if you still have the authorization CD, on the
CD is a .FSAC file. the name of that file is the authorization code.
however if you don't have the CD, you might be able to obtain the code
from FS tech support sent to you to you via an email.

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Subject: Migrating to a New Computer
I don't know about the first one, but in the utilities menu is import
and export settings.  I'd export the settings to a usb drive and then
import them on the new machine.

On 6/22/2020 07:09, Thabo Baseki wrote:

Hello friends!

I am planning to move to a new PC and I have to questions.

  1. I am using an ILM license of JAWS and I misplaced the paper which
     has my license key. Is there a way I can activate JAWS in a new PC?
  2. I forgot how I migrate my JAWS settings files to the new machine.
     Will you please remind me?

Thank you so much!



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