moderated Re: Migrating to a New Computer

David Griffith

In relation to getting your licence key I think you need to contact your original Jaws distributor and ask them to email it to you again. I know of no other way of extracting this information  but others Amy be able to help.
2. You can save your configuration in Jaws but I will have. To check exactly how as I a not currently on my windows machine  - if nobody answers.
 I will check later.D
David Griffith

On 22 Jun 2020, at 13:09, Thabo Baseki <THAB0.BASEKI@...> wrote:

Hello friends!
I am planning to move to a new PC and I have to questions.
  1. I am using an ILM license of JAWS and I misplaced the paper which has my license key. Is there a way I can activate JAWS in a new PC?
  2. I forgot how I migrate my JAWS settings files to the new machine. Will you please remind me?
Thank you so much!
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