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Dan Longmore


  IF the issue is still not resolved I would recommend a uninstall of JAWS and then a re install.  Be sure to leave shared components if you have other Freedom Scientific products on your system.  I am guessing here, but sounds like something went awry with the JAWS install.  Sometimes even a repair cannot fix the issue. 

My recommendation would be last resort as myself and others are not having the same issue.

Although I , know from personal experience, that just because others don’t have the issue does not make it any less real or problematic.


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hi, dears
please, i just installed win10 2004  with jaws 2019-June
i'm facing some issues:
1- unable to read windows settings windows+I
2- also noticed that vertual curser didn't work too,
i did windows update for drivers and repair jaws, still problem, any fix for this?

another point how i access wifi, usually in win7; press F12 to open it (hp laptop) then from system tray left click to let it search for wifi and select the one i want to join
here i can't.
left click show airplane and like this...

i'm new to windows 10 any help?

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