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Glenn / Lenny

Hi Lou,
I would not rely on the firewall provided by a router.
The firewall is good for what it is intended for, but it leaves ports open for users to be able to get out to the world.
You need your operating system to monitor the ports that the router keeps open.

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Hey, Richard! Been a while!
I don't need Windows Firewall because my router has a built-in firewall.
Lou N.

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AnyBurn does rip to MP3, etc.

They just had an update on May 20th.


Here is the link.





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        Hi, All.


I don't know if I'm one of only a few who can no longer get Windows Media Player to add media information to CDs I want to rip. Research into how WMP does it and why mine no longer does it has so far failed. Might be that Microsoft no longer supports access to a music database. Anyway, I had started using Gold Wave, which is JAWS compatible. Well.... Gold Wave suddenly quit working about 2 weeks ago, with an error message informing me that my firewall may be blocking Gold Wave.


I turned off Windows Firewall--I don't know how it got turned on in the first place--but Gold Wave still cannot access the music database.


Meanwhile, I have a stack of new CDs I'd like to rip, and I'd like to have the media information rather than Track 1, Track 2, etcetera. Sorry for being long winded. My question is, can you recommend a reliably JFW accessible CD ripper I can use until I figure out what's wrong with Gold Wave? Or, can you direct me to a user group where I can tap into the experience of users who can help me solve my technical difficulty?


Thanks for your time,

Lou N.

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