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If it is political correctness to explain why a business might be closed, that’s just too bad.

If it is political correctness to recognize the end of slavery, that’s too bad.

And, since in reality, it wasn’t the end of slavery, it was just acknowledging that it took two years for people in Texas and other states to find out that in fact they were free, that is not political correctness, that is simply a historical fact.

And if States and/or businesses want to recognize it as a holiday, why would that bother anyone?


And, since this is a forum for discussing Jaws and not politics, why Glen, are you making it about politics?


I won’t pretend to understand how Flag day has anything to do with anything.




"He that cannot forgive others breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself,” and we forget that only grace can break the cycle of ancient hatreds among peoples. (It is notable that while I have regretted not granting grace to others, I’ve never once regretted extending it.)" - Edward Herbert


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What is today that presumes political correctness?

Flag day is past I believe.


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Hi, Alan. June Teenth is probably the holiday which has closed Vispero. It's not a federal holiday, though, as the post office is open, and they're delivering mail today. Vispero probably just chose to close today. A lot of businesses want to jump on the band wagon and be politically correct, so they're choosing to honor the "holiday" to look like they're "woke".


Bill White



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Subject: Email address for contacting Freedom Scientific Customer Service?


Hi List,


I'm looking for the best email address to contact Freedom Scientific to inquire about my Fusion SMA status. I tried the website for checking my SMA at which was posted here but after submitting my serial number I received the below message:


Our records show that you are licensed for release 2022 of Fusion Single User for use outside of the United States. Currently direct, online purchase of SMAs is limited to US customers only. Please contact your authorized Freedom Scientific dealer for further assistance. Use our dealer locator tool for assistance finding your authorized dealer.


I'm wanting to follow up with someone at Freedom Scientific since I've only ever resided in the United States and am a bit perplexed how my SMA shows I'm licensed to use Fusion outside the US. I tried calling their 800-444-4443 number but after holding quite a while for the operator and receiving a message that today was a holiday and the office was closed after trying another menu branch, I'm not optimistic I'll speak to a live person. Just out of curiosity, what holiday is today? I know it is June Teenth but I didn't think businesses were closed for it.


If anyone has a suggested email address for writing about my issue, I'd very much appreciate it. This isn't high priority but I would like to have it addressed.


Alan Lemly

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