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On Thu, Jun 18, 2020 at 08:27 AM, Adrian Spratt wrote:
Nations around the world have adopted laws similar to our ADA. Since Vispero says it operates in ninety countries, we would expect its policies to be consistent, the way they are here in the U.S.
Put quite simply, to anyone even vaguely familiar with multi-national business, "No, we would not."

You tie yourself in knots trying to claim a consistency that cannot be, and never has been, possible when operating businesses internationally is possible.  It isn't.

This is not to say that anyone should not feel free to plead their case(s) to whomever they feel appropriate.  But they also need to have some idea of the constraints that do exist both before and after doing so.  It's got nothing to do with me being American and anyone else not.  The same broad constraints apply "in the opposite direction" as well.  I cannot and should not expect to be on a level playing field with a customer in the home country of a business operating internationally if I do not live in the home country.  And depending on where they are, and where I am, the degree of "non-level-ness" can be pretty extreme.  This is almost always secondary to the laws of the nation in which the customer lives.  Then there are contractual obligations if one is doing that business through a third-party exclusive representative.

I can't say, "it really is that simple," because, in this instance, it really is that complex.  And because it's that complex, your expectations had better align with the complexities involved.

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