moderated Jaws2019 tag and add recipient in search problem

O.Addison Gethers

Hello All I have jaws2019  with desktop and laptop computer window10 !!  I have a problem with tag and add recipient in new groups message ,I have about 1,034 friends on fb friend list when I want to either tag or add recipient in post or new groups message !! When I get in the search field to type in a person name who’s on friends list then I press tab to search button press enter then I arrow down after search button then it’s say result  then I arrow down again it’s say no match  then I arrow down to more suggestion press enter then I have to go through lot of pages to find that person to selects it and did another search for next person  I still get the same result saying no match !! What do I need to do fix this problem where I know all of my fb friends is on fb list and search button is not finding them? Does anyone have this problem with jaws?


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