moderated Re: From Freedom Scientific: Freedom Scientific is extending the Free Home-Use Software For Those Affected by COVID-19


On Wed, Jun 17, 2020 at 05:04 PM, Richard Turner wrote:
Actually Brian, That was Vaughn quoting part of a message I sent. His sentient response was:
Then Freedom Scientific should not charge for products, services and accessories which it claims it cannot provide.

Richard, it was unclear and the attribution was as picked up by, so I apologize to you.

And my "sentient" comment remains entirely appropriate for what Vaughn wrote.  He has posted several messages that reveal a gross lack of understanding of the basics of how both the free market and international commerce work.

No private entity has any obligation to provide you, any you, with anything beyond what you have paid for.  If they choose to do so, it should be considered a kindness, and it should be understood that those offers depend on an awful lot of things including laws and contracts.  Pretending otherwise is to be willfully foolish.

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