moderated Re: in win10 in a folder how do you tell Win10 to delete only all the files that have a same particular extension but not the other files in that folder that have different extensions?

David Bailes

Hi Hank and others,
an alternative to using search or the command line is to make use of the filtering which is available if the items view is set to have the details view. If you want to filter by the type of the file, then type has to be one of the details present. By default, this is the case by default for document folders, but not music folders. However it's easy to add  a type column to a details view - on the view tab of the ribbon, in the current view group, there's an add columns menu button.
Anyway, assuming the view is details, and one of the columns is type, then  to filter the items view so that only mp3 files, for example, are shown:
1. Tab to the name split button.
2. Using the left or right arrow keys move to the type split button.
3. Press down arrow to press the menu part of the split button. A menu opens.
4. Press the letter M until you get to mp3 file, and press Enter. You are returned to the items view with only mp3 files shown.


On Tue, Jun 16, 2020 at 02:43 AM, Hank William Merchant wrote:
In Win10 when you are wanting to get rid of some particular files all with the same extension in a folder, but not the other files with different extensions in that same folder, is there a way to tell Win10 to in that particular folder to only delete all the files that have that same extension that you want to delete?
Llike in the old days, when we were still using dos and in dos to delete only all the files with a particular same extension in a directory, the dos command once you were located in that particular directory was the dos command delete  *. and the 3 letters corresponding to the extension you particularly wanted to delete.
If maybe someone can help me with this, this would be so very much appreciated. Much, much thanks in advance for any help with this.
All the best,
Warmest regards,

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