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kelby carlson

Unfortunately my office doesn't have control over how these get printed, so I doubt I can change that. I also don't have Kurzweil 1000 on my work computer; I just have Abbyy FineReader. I've tried to look for an option to disable column identification, but haven't found it.

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I'm doubtful there is anything JAWS can do to make your document more
readable. It sounds as if whoever created the document was using Microsoft
Word to number the lines and when they saved it as a PDF file, the line
numbers were treated as a separate object from the text and placed at the
beginning of the created PDF instead of left next to their corresponding
text lines. I think you should talk to the creator of the documents and ask
them to try printing as PDF instead of saving or exporting as PDF to see if
that creates the desired results.

Alan Lemly

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In my work, I frequently have to read transcripts of proceeding where each
of the lines is numbered. When I open a transcript like this in Adobe,
frequently all of the line numbers will be at the top of the page and I have
to keep arrowing down to get to the text. I know this is a unique problem,
but is there anything JAWS can do that will help with this? Right now it
takes me longer to read these documents than it should.

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