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Dale Heltzer

David reminded me here of the privacy issue: PictureSmart uses the Web to help in processing pictures. Probably most of what you would want processed is innocuous, but if you have a privacy concern about what you're asking PictureSmart to figure out for you, then you may want to think twice about using it in the first place. One of those maddening paradoxes of having advanced technology at your figertips.

Dale E. Heltzer

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If you are focussed on a file in File Explorer then insert space then p then F for file will process that file - possibly after agreeing a privacy notice.
If you have an image open in say Photo Viewer then insert space then P followed by C for current window will perform a similar task.
David Griffith

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Subject: keystrokes for picture smart

incert spacebar then the letter p? i'm missing something.

Dennis Cornelison

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