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Dean Martineau <topdot@...>

I wonder what would happen if you sent that PDF to Word, assuming you're running something modern, Microsoft 365 for instance. Now I seldom open PDF's in Adobe. I have Word in my SendTo folder, so when I encounter a PDF, in the context menu I hit N for SendTo, W for Word and the PDF opens very readably in Word. As I'm writing, I don't know why I don't just change the default for PdF to Word. Just a thought.

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When you open the document, does adobe not ask you what reading order
you'd prefer? If so, have you tried the various options? If not, maybe
you should check in the edit menu for the accessibility assistant and
turn the reading order feature back on. May not help, but this sounds
like what the feature should have been meant for.

On 6/15/2020 19:56, kelby carlson wrote:
In my work, I frequently have to read transcripts of proceeding where each of the lines is numbered. When I open a transcript like this in Adobe, frequently all of the line numbers will be at the top of the page and I have to keep arrowing down to get to the text. I know this is a unique problem, but is there anything JAWS can do that will help with this? Right now it takes me longer to read these documents than it should.

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