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Patrick Murphy

I hate to keep bringing this up, but yet another thing freedom scientific
didn't bother to test with jaws 2020.
I am still running jaws 2018.
What whith their new "grace period" authorization not working properly in
windows 10, no support for edge, poor support for large company apps such as
Netflix, it doesn't surprise me that they didn't test their Braille drivers
as well.
I can also tell you, that in my experience you were lucky to get support
directly from freedom scientific.
I am in Ireland. Every time i look for support, all i get is redirected to
sight and sound in the u.k.
90% of the time, they don't know how to fix problems either.
Narrator is not new!!
This should be part of their basic testing.
Yet another reason why i wont upgrade.
Once jaws2018 is no longer effective, i would imagine, that i will be saying
good bye to you good helpful and pleasant people, as i will not upgrade to a
Sorry for ranting, but i am extremely tired of 2020 version and all of its
wonderful problems that we pay for.


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I had a similar issue with a Focus display. The support person at FS
had to enable Braille support in Narrator, change the output to
focus; then turn off support in Narrator.
At 07:14 AM 6/15/2020, you wrote:
I have went into narrator and remove the braille components so there
shouldn't be a conflict with narrator.
I also went back to braille in the jaws program and selected
pacmate. I got a message saying that I had to exit jaws and
re-enter so that the changes could take effect. Did this and no luck.
There should be no conflict since the drivers and well as any
braille software has been removed from narrator.

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