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David Griffith

I don’t know why but this Windows keystroke has never worked for me personally. It may be that there is a time limited opportunity to press the command and by the time I have got my fingers in place the notification has gone.

The only keystroke which sometimes works for me is Windows A which takes me to the Action centre where some notifications will live.

However even this is not consistent as sometimes notification windows like the annoying DropBox messages will not be located even with this method. Thankfully DropBox seem to have finally got the  message I don’t want warnings of any kind from them.


David Griffith



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Hi Steve,


Perhaps you could try this:


When you hear the Windows 10 notifications jingle, press the <windows+shift+v> keystroke in order to focus to the notification and then, press <space> or <enter> key to interact with it.


Please note that the <windows+shift+v> key combination is not a screen reader-specific keystroke. In other words, it is always available in Windows 10.


HTH, have a nice week-end. Chris D


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Has anyone figured out how to get to the notifications that pop up on the screen from time to time?

Thx -Steve



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