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Alan Robbins



Here are some suggestions I saved from list member, Mike B:


How to scan files using a scanning device with the Jaws OCR feature.  Steps are below.  This will only work with JAWS2018 and newer.
1. Place whatever you want scanned with the OCR feature on your scanner.
2. Press the JAWS Key + Spacebar, then, O, for OCR, and press, A , for acquire.
3. Choose the scanner from the, Scanner & Camera combo box pop-up, tab to the, Acquire button, press the spacebar, and the scanner will scan the file using
the Jaws OCR feature.  It will then read it to you.  This is GREAT!
Note:  The shortcut keystroke to acquire is, Alt + Q.
To save the file you can export it to Excel or, after scanning select all the text with, Control + A, press, Control + C, to copy to the clipboard, then
paste the text, Control + V, into a text or Word
file and save.






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I haven’t as yet explored this ability within Jaws. Could someone give me a quick overview?




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That is the difference between a stand-alone $1000 piece of software and a free built-in utility.

I suppose, if you don’t mind extra stuff, you could take a screen shot after you do the Jaws scan.






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Just learned about being able to scan a document with JAWS layered keystroke (jaws key and spacebar, then o, then a)

This is great to simply read some text and to save text. However, I see no way to scan and save as an image (i.e. jpg) This is an option in open book. Thoughts?


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