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Glenn / Lenny

Maybe Open Book needs no further development.
If there are suggestions for improving OB, maybe they would add them to it.

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Hi Alan,


You can scan using JAWS in the newer versions but it sure is not up to snuff to equal Openbook. It will scan a document but you couldn’t ever do with it what students and working people need. Vispero give as an excuse not to update OpenBook that they would rather continue to develop JAWS scanning abilities rather than updating OpenBook. They haven’t updated it in years and, where does that leave those of us who purchased it a high price.  


Ron & Danvers


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Subject: Scanning with Open book versus JAWS


Just learned about being able to scan a document with JAWS layered keystroke (jaws key and spacebar, then o, then a)

This is great to simply read some text and to save text. However, I see no way to scan and save as an image (i.e. jpg) This is an option in open book. Thoughts?


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