Moderated Re: Acronis image with Jaws

Chris Hill

Hello.  I was talking about the program "Image for Windows" by terabyte unlimited, not the program built into windows itself.  In fact, both will allow you to restore a hard disk from an image, but the first has a lot more flexibility.  With the Terabyte Unlimited product you can do incremental and differential backups, as well as easily restore just one file if that is what you need to do, you can even view the contents of your saved image files.

The image program built into windows will allow you to restore a hard disk if and only if the drive is the same size, which makes it rather useless.  Besides that, it is likely going away in a future windows release.

On 6/10/2020 09:03, Klaus Vielhauer wrote:
Hello Chris,

the Image program that is included  in Windows does not work in case of a harddisk failure.

I am looking for a solution that also covers such a problem.


On 6/10/2020 12:50 AM, Chris Hill wrote:
I gave Up on them five years ago for an accessibility try image for windows instead
On Jun 9, 2020, at 17:38, Klaus Vielhauer <vielhau@...> wrote:


at the install screen there is no speech and I had to stop.

Does anyone use this program successfully?



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