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Dan Longmore


  Mal Ware bytes is not an anti virus program but it is excellent for malware and various other problems.  Windows Defender is a strong anti virus program and while paid ones may have stronger points Windows Defender does a good, job of protecting as long as one is not foolish in their internet travels.




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You can use malware bites, it is about 90% accessible, and mostly useable, and it is a very strong anti-virus software, most prefer it ove others. Yes windows defender is the most accessible, but if you want a better antivirus, that is accessible 90% of the time and is much more secure than windows defender, I would go for malware bites.


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I sent this an hour or so ago but didn’t see it post to the list so I’m going to try again. Sorry if you all get the message a second time.

I’m wondering if windows defender is still the best antivirus software to use with jaws or if there are now other packages that are accessible now. I figured I’d ask because some time has passed and things might have changed. Thanks.

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