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I too use eset. Despite a number of calls to them about accessibility, it
has fallen on deaf ears.

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I have heard a lot about how Windows Defender has improved. So much so I
abandoned the ESET Smart security subscription I had because of
deteriorating accessibility.
I have however kept my old 1.7 version of Malwarebytes going and resisted
program upgrade to maintain accessibility although I let the virus database
keep up to date.
Thank goodness I did. During the last week Malwarebytes identified a Trojan
on my laptop that Windows Defender was completely oblivious of despite my
performing a complete Windows Defender scan after the Malwarebytes alert.
I turned to Windows Defender as Initially Malwarebytes was struggling and
failing to quarantine this Trojan threat.
On investigation it had infected one of the plug-in directories of
Videoland VLC. Uninstalling VLC did not succeed in removing the offending
files and predictably trying to delete these files manually also failed as
Windows identified them as being used by another process.
Eventually a full scan by Malwarebyte was able to remove this trojan from my
registry in memory and I was finally able to also delete the offending VLC
directories as a failsafe.
What was more concerning was the fact that Windows Defender was completely
unaware of this problem and failed to react.
David Griffith

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Hi. I've asked this a few years ago but I figured it's time to ask again do
to things changing. I'm wondering if Windows defender is still the most
accessible antivirus software or if there are others now that work well with
Jaws. Thanks.

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