moderated latest Outlook issue

Rick Mladek

Hello all,


When going through my inbox with outlook 2019 single key type and not 365, also Jaws 2019 due to Jaws 2020 being too troubled and latest Windows 10.


When in my inbox, having many emails to go through, I highlight the first, listen to the subject and if nothing I choose to listen to, I simply delete. The inbox then shows zero messages within until I arrow down and it then will read the next message. Before, it would automatically read the next message in succession for me to either delete again or read. I’ve not changed any settings.


Any ideas why this is listing my inbox as having zero messages within when it actually may have many? Then not recognizing the next until I arrow down to the next, then it will tell me how many messages within the inbox. Odd and hope someome can tell me what may need changed to correct this issue.


Thanks all,



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