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david Jennette

Thanks. It's still looking like defender is the package of choice. I do know it's improving but I did want to see if anyone had heard of any accessibility improvements in other security software. Just a head's up. Your probably going to see a repeat of my original message because for some reason it took an hour or two to post to the list so I sent it again. Sorry about that.

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Windows defender is so accessible but it is'nt good guard. I recommend Kaspersky. But, there are very accessibility problem this software. Of course it is very very very good antivirus.

2020-06-07 1:37 GMT+03:00, david Jennette <dcjenn@...>:
Hi. I've asked this a few years ago but I figured it's time to ask
again do to things changing. I'm wondering if Windows defender is
still the most accessible antivirus software or if there are others
now that work well with Jaws. Thanks.

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