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I don't know if this would be of any help, but maybe you or your trainer would want to take a look at Digital Ocean:

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From: Marvin Hunkin []
To: <>
Date: Friday, June 5, 2020, 10:18 PM
Subject: jaws and remote servers
Hi. I am a blind it student doing certificate iv networking from And have a assus vivo book x 540 uar
laptop. Running windows 10 64 bit 2004 and jaws 2020 and also nvda 2020.
Now. Need to do a online assessment. And a external firm called heropa,
has a web tool. well does not load, or takes forever to load, is totally
unuser friendly and not accessible. Unlabeled graphics, unlabeled
buttons, menus buried within sub menus, etc, and no keyboard short cuts,
and some of the labelled buttons, does nothing. So, do have a remote
server given to me via heropa. For doing a assessment where I have to
install windows as a virtual network or install it, configure it, add
folders, add desktop shortu cuts, and desktop icons to the task bar, set
up and configure a printer. So. The firm when I did login and have a
free trial of jaws remote . they have windows server 2016 data centre,
and maybe did ask my main trainer Charles lang-ashe, about maybe
reserving a spare particion, then could do the assessment that way. If
not, what accessible free online servers, or virtual machines or cloud
are there. I know there’s no e-mail verification for Microsoft azure.
And when I did try to sign up as a student, last year, and tried the
call back feature. Because I am on the nbn and have a home landline
phone, says does not support voip phones. Don’t have a mobile phone. So
was able to sign up for amazon web services, seems accessible, but not
able to create any virtual machines, when I selected windows server,
said the operation could not be completed or not available. So, what
other cloud services and also other online free accessible online remote
servers. For blind people. Who cannot see and need to do this. Any
ideas, or suggestions. Got till tuesday  as this is a long weekend here
in Australia.

And so need some ideas.


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