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Peter Tesar


If you are using the "free" FamilySearch page

Try a simple search. There are six fields for First, Last, birth location, birth year, death location and death year.

You should get the page titled:

  Historical documents we found for xx —

Navigate to the heading:

  Top people we found for xx in the shared Family Tree

The next line is the button:

  toggle this to learn about xx

Activate the button with the space bar, wait a few seconds and then look for:

  To view historical documents of xx sign in, or create an account.

Tab to the create free account link.

I've never used this since I already have an account.

I sign in and every 2 weeks I have to manually sign in and check stay signed in for 2 weeks.

If you want to register with WikiTree, go to

Select the Help link.

Then search for the registration Problems link.

Then search for the registering an account on WikiTree link.

Peter T.

On 6/5/2020 8:15 PM, Shirley Tracy wrote:



The name caught my interest as I’m writing a family history. I got on the website and saw that it’s free, but I couldn’t figure out how to register or sign in as a new user.

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