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Glenn / Lenny

There is a key to launch Jaws Tandem, I forget what it is because I usually get to it through the menus, but I suspect that you might be inadvertently pressing that key combination.
Maybe you have a sticky key which is part of that needed key combination and you are just doing the rest of the combination that launches Jaws Tandem.

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Sent: Friday, June 05, 2020 11:28 AM
Subject: Jaws2019 Strange for Jaws tandem

Hello All  I’m using desktop computer window10 and jaws2019 !! I don’t know what’s going on  for some reason about jaws tandem keep popping up on window screen  while I’m on IE ,firefox and email window !! When I open IE  and was on website  reading  about 10 or 15  minute later I went to email  suddenly  while I was trying to press enter on the email to read  it’s say alt left arrow  then I press insert t for title  it’s say microsoft outlook  then I try to press insert down arrow to read the email however it’s say alt down arrow then I press insert t then it’s say jaws tandem enter the id number who is doing to do tandem  then I say what?? So I press alt f4 to close it out it’s say jaws tandem closed  !! So it’s doing that when I opened firefox too. Does anyone have this problem ? It have been going on in March,April and last month and again 3 day ago !!


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