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Orlando Enrique Fiol

Dear Sardar-ji,

I used TWBlue for months before finding some solutions to the very problems you list below.

playing videos from a tweet,
I have never gotten this to work from within TWBlue. But I can always just press enter on a tweet's URL, which will launch my default web browser and play the video just fine.

viewing threads
This is very counterintuitive, but feasible. TWBlue calls threads "conversations". To view a conversation, press alt+windows+C. Here's the most counterintuitive part; you will not find the conversation in the same window as the original tweet; you'll find it under searches. TWBlue will report: "Conversation with so-and-so". Tab over to the list view and, if there are replies to the original tweet, they will be there in chronological order. If there are no replies, only the original tweet will be in that conversation. Once you've read it, you can destroy the buffer with the hotkey control+shift+I.
I use the conversation hotkey in conjunction with the previous and next buffer hotkeys: alt+windows+left (or right) arrows. This way, if I am in the home buffer and press alt+windows+C for the conversation, I need only navigate to the previous buffer with alt+windows+left-arrow because search results are displayed to the left of home. However, if I'm deep in a timeline tree and want to access conversations, it's easier to press end while in the tree view, which focuses the "searches" node. Expand that with right-arrow and I can find all searches and conversations there.

Realistically, I try to structure my Twitter usage so that I'm always reading either my home buffer or a timeline just to the left of the search results. This way, the conversations are always one buffer to the left or right of the buffer I'm reading.
That may all sound hopelessly complicated. But once you get the hang of those hotkeys, you can navigate between tweet and conversation buffers quite quickly. As you know, riyaaz (practice) is everything.

viewing replies to a tweet,
See above. The conversations buffer handles replies. You can even check if there are replies to replies, and so on. It would be ideal if TWBlue reported this information, so that we wouldn't have to invoke and delete what amount to empty conversations.

not so useful autocomplition for tags and users, no way to view
notifications etc. please correct me if i'm wrong in any of these!
To receive notifications in TWBlue, you must set each buffer to autoread new tweets, using the hotkey alt+windows+E. This must be done for each buffer you want automatically read when new tweets arrive, even for timelines. Once you set autoreading for the default buffers, they will remain that way until you change them.
But when you add timelines or lists, you must enable autoreading with that hotkey for each.
The important thing is to listen carefully to the tweeter's name or the buffer name during the autoreading, since there's no place in TWBlue where all notifications are collected.
If you hear, "New direct message from Pandit Pranaath," you must go to your direct messages buffer to read it.
If you hear, "New tweet in Sonia Gandhi's timeline," you must find her timeline, either using the tree view or previous&next buffer hotkeys, in order to read it.

Here is one more detail that I have found very useful. Whenever you view your friends, followers or tweeter's timelines, TWBlue shows you the first 200 in reverse chronological order--thatis--going back 200 from the most recent. Do not confuse this with reverse buffer display, which puts the most recent tweets at the top of the buffer list. Here, new tweets are still at the bottom, but the buffer list only goes back 200 tweets. To go back further, you must use the hotkey alt+windows+page-up. You will hear TWBlue say, (200 items retrieved". In the case of search results, the same principle applies, except that when you search for users, you are only shown 20 results at a time. So, when you load previous items into your buffer, you will hear, "20 items retrieved". If you want everything, you must keep retrieving items further back until there are no more and TWBlue reports 0 items retrieved. Only then can you be sure that you are reading your complete buffer.
I point this out because, when I first got on Twitter, I began following all sorts of people about whom I was curious. Needless to say, I quickly reached 5000 followers and began receiving errors that I could not follow anymore users. So, I fst tried using TWBlue to go through my following list, but only found 200 entries. On Twitter's web interface, the list would not refresh properly and would give me duplicate entries. I even tried out two Android apps dedicating to unfollowing twitter accounts. They worked okay, but I still wish I could accomplish this seemingly simple task within TWBlue.
Once this blind guy on Teamtalk told me about the hotkey to load previous items into the buffer, I was all set; I could see all my following and friends lists without using other apps. The thing is, I had gone past that hotkey dozens of times in TWBlue's hotkey editor. I thought it meant that it would move you up and down in the buffer by a large amount. I never thought it actually retrieves and loads previous tweets.

I hope these tips will enrich your TWBlue experience as much as they have enriched mine.

Orlando Enrique Fiol
Ph.D. in Music Theory
University of Pennsylvania: November, 2018
Professional Pianist/Keyboardist, Percussionist, Arranger, Performer and Pedagogue
Charlotte, North Carolina

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